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This course examines world events form 1600 to the present.  It explores the impact of the democratic and industrial revolutions, the forces that led to world domination by European powers, the wars that changed empires, the ideas that led to independence movements and the effects of global interdependence.  The concepts of historical thinking introduced in earlier grades continue to build with students locating and analyzing primary and secondary sources from multiple perspectives to draw conclusions.

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  • Week of October 20



    Wednesday-Study Guide, Essay Due

    Thursday-Ch 9 Quiz


  • Week of October 13


    Tuesday-9.2 TCI Stations

    Wednesday-9.3 Preview Essay

    Thursday- Lab time to type essay

    Friday-NO School NEOEA Day

  • Week of October 6

    Monday-Present Educreations

    Tuesday-Work on Study Guide

    Wednesday- Review Activity

    Thursday-Ch 8 Test

    Friday-Industrialization/Factory Work

  • Week of September 29

    Monday-8.4 Art Styles

    Tuesday-Blog, Art Styles

    Wednesday-Freshman Mentoring Program

    Thursday-Educreations Project

    Friday-Educreations Project

  • Week of Sept 22

    Monday- 7.5/ Comparing Revolutions

    Tuesday-Study Guide

    Wednesday- ch 7 quiz

    Thursday- 8.1

    Friday- 8.2, Nationalism Chart

  • Week of Sept 7


    Tuesday-Chapter 6/Prologue Assessment


    Thursday-Comic Strip

    Friday-French Revolution review

  • Week of September 2

    Monday- NO SCHOOL Labor Day

    Tuesday- Roots of Democracy Chart


    Thursday-In class time to work on blog (due Friday at 2:30)

    Friday-Work on Study Guide, Prologue/Ch 6 test on Tuesday

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