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  • PTO Concert on Friday, March 7

    Here is the information regarding the Concert this Friday, March 7th.  We have been discussing this in class daily for several weeks.  The orchestras will be performing as part of the entertainment for the PTO Dinner fundraiser.


    6th and 7th graders need to be at the AHS Orchestra room by 4:30 PM to tune and warm-up.  The concert begins at 5:00 in the AHS Auditorium and will end at 5:30 PM.  Students will be able to leave as soon as they have helped clear the stage for the next performing group.  I need the students to clear out of the orchestra room right away to make room for the next group.  If you are going to eat dinner, please take your instruments and belongings with you.  Do not leave them in the orchestra room.


    The 8th Grade Orchestras will be performing in small groups in the cafeteria as dinner music.  The idea is that they will be performing in the background as people eat their meals.  This is an important "real world" experience as the primary function of small ensembles is to perform as background music - think of a quartet at a wedding reception or a group playing in the background for a fancy dinner.


    The students have been divided into four ensembles.  Please see the attachment for their group assignments.  Groups 1 and 2 need to be in the AHS Orchestra room by 5:45 for tuning.  Group 1 will perform from 6:00-6:15.  Group 2 will perform from 6:15-6:30.


    Groups 3 and 4 need to be in the AHS Orchestra room by 6:30 for tuning.  Group 3 will perform from 6:30-6:45 and Group 4 will perform from 6:45-7:00PM.


    Parents are of course invited to hear their children perform, but please realize that there will not be seats for a traditional audience to sit in.  The students will be performing in the AHS Cafeteria surrounded by diners.  Students may leave as soon as their ensemble is finished performing.  All students should have a ride home by 7:00 PM.



    If a student cannot get a ride to the AHS Orchestra room in time for their warm-up period because their parents are still at work, then they are welcome to walk over to the HS after school on Friday and hang out in the orchestra room.  Mr. Burdett will be there to supervise.  Please make sure that they bring their concert dress with them to school that day.  All students need to be picked up by 7:00 PM at the latest.


    The Harmon Orchestra room will be unlocked before and after the concert for parents/students to pick up and drop off instruments.


    Here is the entertainment schedule for the night in case you wanted to see other groups perform:


    5:00-5:30 - 6th and 7th grade orchestras in AHS auditorium

    5:30-5:45 - Leighton Leaping stars in the gym

    5:45-6:00 - 1st Grade Music Group 1 in AHS Auditorium

    6:00-7:00 - 8th grade orchestras perform in small ensembles in the cafeteria as dinner music.

    6:45-7:00 1st Grade Music Group 2 in AHS Auditorium


    Information about the PTO dinner including how to purchase tickets is located on the school website.  Dinner service is from 5:00-7:00 PM.

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