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The tremendous support from our parents has always been a major contributor to the success of our student’s at Harmon Middle School. As we begin the second semester, it is important that the parents of our students continue to provide endless support and encouragement so our students have the determination and drive to succeed as we bare through these winter months. Our teachers and administration have done a great amount of research to ensure they pave the most successful paths for our students.

It is important that we continue to encourage our kids to stay motivated and be attentive of their grades. The students are given daily homework assignments which enables them to review, practice, and perfect the skills and strategies that were taught in class. If your child does not have too much homework, encourage them to read their independent reading book. Reading is a skill that stimulates the mind and expands students abilities to comprehend and analyze content in all areas.

We also have several clubs and organizations students can get involved in after school. These activities provide students with the opportunity to develop and maintain social relationships with their peers outside of the classroom, as well as develop a relationship and interact with a positive role model. As always, we have our P.R.I.D.E. program which recognizes students for doing the right thing and making good choices in all areas of their life. These forms become available once report cards are sent home.

Mark Abramovich
Harmon Middle School Principal


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