Superintendent's Message

Russ Bennett

Well kids, hopefully snow days have come to an end for this school year, but on the bright side warm weather is headed our way. As the sun is starting to peak through and the snow is melting; hopefully, we can say goodbye to the winter weather for good and welcome the season of spring with open arms.  Don’t forget to wear your rain boots to recess, because there will be many puddles to jump in and lots of springtime fun to be had as the flowers are blooming and the trees are budding.

With the third grading period coming to an end and the last quarter approaching rapidly, there are many exciting events occurring throughout our district. To kick off the spring season, spring sports went into full effect last week, so be sure to support our student athletes as they hit the fields, courts, and tracks this season. Also, Spring Break is just around the corner and our high school band and choir will be heading down to Disney for their spring break trip. I hope these students have a wonderful, safe trip, as well as, everyone else, whether you are traveling or enjoying some rest and relaxation.

Furthermore, we have many musical performances coming up in each of our schools, spring dances, and the Aurora High School play and District Art Show later in the semester. And just a reminder for high school students, don’t forget to sign up for the ACT and SAT as they are offered on Saturday mornings throughout the spring months.

In May, citizens will find that the Aurora City School District’s Board of Education has placed a 5.61 mill operating renewal levy on the Portage County 2015 ballot.  Since this is a renewal levy, there will be no increase in taxes for citizens if the levy is approved. This levy finances the district’s general operating fund and can only be used for daily operating expenses such as curriculum, utility, and transportation costs.

I hope everyone is enjoying the school year as we approach the final stretch, and we will keep our fingers crossed for warm weather in the near future.


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