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Technology Research and Integration

Andrew Sams
Technology Coordinator

The Technology Research and Integration Team is responsible for leveraging the power of new digital-age technologies towards the engagement of students in their processes of learning and discovery.

Our Team is heavily involved in staff development and District-wide collaboration related to technologies and pedagogical methods that seek to maximize student engagement, and correspondingly, lasting and relevant learning.

We are continually implementing new programs and approaches that enhance the digital-age skills of students, allowing them to become life-long, self-motivated learners.

We recognize the ever-increasing importance of 21st-Century skills, among them information literacy, creativity, collaboration, communication; and look to provide opportunities for student and staff development in these areas.


Areas of Current Team Interest and Research:

These are topics of current study and research that go above and beyond the day-to-day work of our Team.  Findings in these areas shape future efforts and evolve our methods for creating environments of engaged learning:

  • Digital Gaming as a platform for engaged learning
  • Opportunities and methods for providing self-defined and self-motivated learning environments.
  • Learner-created hardware and software development environments that enhance the world.
  • Tablet and mobile computing platform integration into the classroom.
  • Data analytics solution development
  • Progressive learning methods involving connected learning environments and digital-age learning skills